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February 19, 2022

A review of BHLDN Beholden Wedding Dresses

BHLDN or Beholden wedding dresses is a great place to start your dress selection journey.

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A wedding dress isn’t just a dress, but clothing that marks the entrance into a prosperous marriage. A wedding day holds extreme importance in a woman’s life. Having a gorgeous dress to wear at the beginning of their new journey is of integral importance. BHLDN (pronounced Beholden) is a great place to start your search for the perfect wedding dress. Let's find out more about BHLDN or Beholden Wedding Dresses.

Choosing a wedding dress isn’t an easy task. With so many designs, colors, and styles, a girl can find it hard to narrow it down to one dress. BHLDN wedding dresses should be high on your list of wedding dress designer brands to checkout.

BHLDN offers brides a range of exceptionally gorgeous dresses in all ages, colors, and styles. There are plenty of options to choose from with BHLDN, as they have a vast collection.

The Face Behind the Brand – the Designer:

BHLDN or Beholden is the sister brand to Anthropologie. The wedding company collaborates and showcases dresses from famous designers like Amsale, Watters, Jenny Yoo, etc.

Launched on Valentine’s Day back in 2011, the brand has catered to thousands of brides. Provided them the dress of their dreams and made their big day a one to remember. The brand has been doing exceptionally well since its launch for a good reason. Beholden wedding dresses are a perfect mixture of elegance and sophistication. 

The designs are created with immense thought, every dress is a piece of art made by the finest in their craft. BHLDN dresses have an innovative style that will leave you shining on your wedding day.

While the brand is famous for its gorgeous designs, it is not the only thing that steals the show. Its inclusivity is also something that makes it stand out in the crowd. Beholden wedding dresses are available in all sizes and come at varied prices. The brand’s mission is to provide a dress to every bride regardless of their budget and make them look elegant on their wedding day.


The Breathtaking Collection:

Entering the BHLDN store is like entering a whole another world full of wedding dresses. The store and online collection can easily be termed a magical land for all the gorgeous girls planning their weddings. Beholden offers brides a wide variety of wedding dresses from modern to chic to any look they might be searching for.


When searching for a wedding dress, the silhouette is what should be decided first. The silhouette refers to the overall shape or fit of the dress. Each bride has their own preference. The imagination of the dress a bride will wear starts from its silhouette. Here are some silhouette designs they offer:

  • Ball Gown Wedding Dresses
  • A-Line Dresses
  • Mermaid Dresses
  • Vintage Dresses
  • ·Style:

    The style would depend on the silhouette and the venue your wedding is happening. For some picture-perfect moments, you need a dress that shows off the style perfectly well too.

    Here are some of their styles:

  • Lace
  • Beaded
  • Tulle
  • Boho
  • ·Neckline:

    The options in necklines are endless. Select a neckline that evaluates your overall style and outlook, here are some necklines offered at BHLDN:

  • Sweetheart
  • Strapless
  • Plunge
  • Cap Sleeve
  • The BHLDN Style:

    The aspect which makes the BHLDN or Beholden Wedding Dresses so breathtaking is its unique and awe-struck styles. Each dress made at the company goes through a thought process and dozens of ideas, designs, and styles before it comes to life.

    The wedding gowns are embellished with gorgeous nets, beads, and laces, with the most intricate details standing out. BHLDN understands that each bride has their own unique taste. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of designs ranging from prices to prices so that everyone gets the dress of their dream.

    Evolving with the latest fashion trends, BHLDN is made to cater to the brides in search of unique dresses which showcase their personalities.

    The Inclusive Pricing:

    Apart from its beautiful designs, BHDLN or Beholden Wedding Dresses are famous for their inclusive prices. 

    Keeping in mind brides of all ages and sizes, the brand offers wedding dresses ranging from as low as $275 to $2000. This is extremely affordable compared to other brands of the same quality, what's not to love, right?


    Most girls dream of walking down the aisle wearing a gorgeous wedding dress. However, finding the perfect dress becomes the most challenging task when the time comes.

    BHLDN understands that brides have jitters when it comes to their wedding, they do their best to make the wedding dress selection simple. You can find some gorgeous BHLDN dresses on their website. BHLDN does an excellent job providing high-quality dresses at an affordable price.

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